• W.K.Tiles, also known as "Wiang Kaew", was established in 2004 by the family members
    of Rama Ceramic, which has over 30 years of experience in the production of ceramics (both
    pottery and tiles).  Using our extensive knowledge in the development of ceramics, W.K. Tiles
    focuses on the importance of ceramic tiles and products for use in construction projects,
    specifically for use in Modern Tropical Architecture.
  • To support our focus, we have developed an extensive range of colors, shapes and finishes.
    Our products come in all the expected colors as well as colors you won’t find anywhere else.
    Additionally, not only do we offer traditional flat square and rectangular shapes in various
    sizes, but we also have moved into more modern 3-dimensional shaped tiles, adding a
    sophistication rarely found in the market.  Finishes on offer include cracked glaze, rough silica,
    matte, and the metallic collection.  Our aim is to offer everything a developer could possibly need.
  • To further this objective, we also offer a made-to-order service that designers find both
    exciting and unique to the market.  Examples include "The Ceramic Cube", made for Raimond
    Land's The River, and "The Ceramic Composite Column", used in the Lampang Central
    Department Store.  Our ability to tailor to a customers needs has lead to an ever-expanding
    product line, which we are proud to say is One of a Kind.
  • At W.K. Tiles, we pride ourselves on adding creative elements to both internal and external
    architecture, as well as landscapes, lending diversity and durability to the rapidly growing
    project market, helping to keep our clients' projects unique.